• AphmauLOVEfan


    September 12, 2016 by AphmauLOVEfan

    Hi!  So. This blog is about music. I love BriCie's music because of her gentle voice that is heavied with emotions. She lets her emotion flow into RAAIIINNBOOOWWWSSS

    I also love JubyPhonic's music because she adds emotions- keeping it in a fair-paced line. My favorite song is probably Lost One's Weeping from JudbyPhonic's channel! 

    Soooo.. that was a smol chat. Bye!

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  • SnazzySenpai

    I've got a blog.

    September 12, 2016 by SnazzySenpai

    Hello... (Dear God I don't know how to start this...)

    So... Umm..

    I'm gonna blog about..


    Hopefully you find it amusing...

    If not...

    I-I don't know.

    I'm awkward... (*hides in garbage can*)

    But anyways, as I said, I'm gonna blog about stuff...

    and things...

    Stick around for that.... 



    mkay bye.

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